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Mr. Léon travels and teaches internationally. He is best contacted via email:

A lifelong student of East-West philosophy and contemplation, Dai Léon has served for 25 years as a cultural emissary between modern and traditional, scientific and spiritual domains. He promotes the rich benefits of holistic and interdisciplinary studies and practices with respect to perennial wisdom traditions throughout the world.

Dai began his studies of esoteric ritual, yoga, alchemy and martial arts at the age of eight in France, where he was raised as a youngster. As a Catholic altar boy, he realized that he was destined to a life of spiritual awareness and service. As a young mathematics savant, he was schooled in America during the 60's and 70's, when esoteric knowledge, meditation, yoga and body movement were mixing together, flowering into a post-modern mélange of beauty and wisdom. From that heady mix of cultural alchemy emerged new paradigms of science and a re-appreciation for traditional nondual understandings of philosophy. Lao Tzu met Plotinus and Einstein and the world has never been the same since.

After studying the philosophies and spiritual ways of the great traditions at the University of Illinois, Dai was invited to directly study under the Venerable Gia-fu Feng, head of Stillpoint Foundation in Colorado. In the spring of 1978, Sifu (indicating monk or teacher) Dai Sealed Heart-Mind with Master Feng (a traditional method of Lineage or Dharma Transmission), who requested Dai to teach the Tao that is none other than the One of Heraclitus, Plotinus and Western wisdom through the ages.

A co-founder of Esalen Institute at Big Sur, California in 1960, Adept Feng was renowned as a founding father of the East-West movement, merging nondual traditions from China to Spain to America. His translations of ancient philosophy classics opened the world's mind to the beauty and wisdom of universal spiritual tradition.

Dai has authored several books and interactive media titles. He has served as a Director of multicultural, educational interactive companies for 25 years. Since 1994 he has adviseded industry and governmental bodies on the socio-cultural impact of financial, wellness, and interactive technologies. Through many forms of media, with a particular love and focus upon that of the ecstatic body-mind, Dai has taught in a traditional yet post-modern way. His flowing mantra is to empower, enlighten and entertain.


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